Daily Archives: 6 March, 2014

New Products from DOD Fitness!

The new DOD Fitness Knee Donuts, Wrist Wedges and Neck Circles allow people with sore knees, wrists and necks to participate in exercise, physical therapy, yoga and Pilates. The wedges provide stability and comfort during weight bearing exercise, and can be used with your fitness mat for added support.

DOD Fitness Knee Donuts available online at ActiveForever.comKnee Donuts
DOD Fitness Knee Donuts can prevent or reduce knee pain while kneeling. Unlike a towel or mat, the donut shape prevents the patella from touching the floor and also provides structural support. Knee Donuts have been extremely helpful for people who have had knee surgery.

DOD Fitness Wrist Wedges available online at ActiveFrover.comWrist Wedges
Ergonomically designed, the DOD Fitness Wrist Wedges reduce stress and pain during weight bearing exercises such as pushups and planks. The angle reduces the degree of wrist extension which decreases pressure on the wrist.

DOD Fitness Neck Circle available online at ActiveForever.comNeck Circle
The DOD Fitness Neck Circle is ideal for anyone who feels neck tension during or after exercise. The Neck Circle provides cushion and support and keeps the head in a neutral position, creating proper alignment.