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Clarity Ensemble Amplified Caption Phone

Clarity Ensemble Amplified Caption Phone - Shop Online at ActiveForever.com
The Clarity® Ensemble™ amplified caption phone is designed for people who have a severe hearing loss, low vision, or have difficulty using the phone. If you or a loved one want to stay in the conversation, the Ensemble is the captioned phone with the advanced features found in more expensive amplified phones, but for just $75.00.

The Clarity provides amplification up to 50 decibels, making it one of the loudest captioned phones on the marketplace. To enjoy an amplified conversation, the four tone settings can be adjusted to your specific hearing loss, with a boost function that allows you to access a louder volume for incoming voices.

The captioning function ensures that users will never miss a word of conversation. The 7-inch color touchscreen display on the Clarity Ensemble has adjustable font sizes and contrast, making it ideal for people with low vision. All captioned conversations can be saved for later reference.

More features:
The phone includes a visual ringer, an answering machine and talking Caller ID. A headset jack and neckloop jack are available for those who don’t want to use the handset. If you need assistance, the Ensemble includes ClarityLogic™, which allows a Clarity® customer support representative to remotely adjust phone settings for you. Set up requires a land-line service and high-speed Internet connection.