Daily Archives: 23 May, 2014

Rarely will you find such an amazing deal on two great items. We believe that we have found the perfect devices for the young and the mature AND we are able to offer them at a phenomenal price.

We would first like to introduce you to the Home Electronic Silencer. This device is simply magical in so that it will automatically silence any device that is plugged into it when the home phone line rings. You may ask yourself who would benefit from such an item and we have the answer.


It is getting more and more common for folks to work from a home office and it is important to have peace and quiet when a client (or boss) calls on the phone. With this device you will never have to say, “hold on, I have to turn the … down.” Now the phone rings and everything is silenced. Magical. It will even pause the movie you are watching. Pretty cool.

A second group of people this item would work for is the hard of hearing. It clearly makes sense that they can’t hear the phone ring with the TV blasting and the person on the other end certainly can’t enjoy the conversation when all they can hear are re-runs of “The Love Boat” in the background. When the phone rings the TV is silenced by the Home Electronic Silencer. This is great news for both the phone call receiver and the placer.

Did I mention this would be a perfect gift for someone moving into a planned living community? It would be a perfect addition to your new resident welcome basket!

The second great item will benefit everyone who tries to sneak in little cat naps throughout the day. Most of us are not near a bed, lounge chair or hammock so we have to make do. Face down on a hard vertical surface or if we can get passed losing the feeling and mobility in our arms we will place our bulky and heavy skulls on our arms to get that cat nap we crave. ActiveForever has uncovered a very unique item that will now allow for face down cat naps without the pain and discomfort of an “asleep arm”. The Slumber Sleeve  can be worn over your arm, wrist, leg or ankle, it moves with you and you can change sleep positions naturally – and sleep like a kid again.

This would make a perfect gift for your graduating senior that is heading off to college. Long hours in the library makes Slumber Sleeve a very valuable tool in surviving university life and its many demands. Specifically, sleep deprivation demands.

Both the Home Electronic Silencer and the Slumber Sleeve can be purchased in our Retail Stores for .99 cents! Or save up to 86% by purchasing online!

Climbing Gear to Keep You Safe

A26917aWhat once began as mountaineering, rock climbing has added “sport” to the exploration of vertical surfaces. Both require experience, technical knowledge, and athleticism to maintain safety. ActiveForever is proud to announce that we have taken on a whole line of rock climbing gear.

Rock climbing is inherently dangerous, so to minimize potential injuries resulting from a fall, climbers are first trained in the physics of rock climbing and as importantly they use safety gear. All sports have basic protective gear like football helmets, shin guards and jock cups. Rock climbing is not any different and also has protective gear. The most basic protective equipment is a climbing rope. A26351aOnce rock climbers would simply tie a rope around their chest knowing they would be severely injured if they fell but they had a slight advantage over emanate death. With advances in technology came the development of harnesses, carabineers, and hooks which are used for clipping into rappel anchors, connecting gear, and belay devices to catch a falling climber, hold or lower a climber and for rappelling.

If you are looking to become a mountaineer and explore the Alps or if you would like to scale the walls of the Grand Canyon as a rock climber, you will need the right equipment. It does not matter what type of climber you want to become, aid climber, free climber, boulderer, solo climber, deep-water soloer, lead climber, roped solo climber, mulit-pitch climber, sport climber, traditional climber, bottom rope climber, top rope climber, crack climber, face climber, slab climber, or a simul climber, you will need the proper gear if you would like to be safe while defying gravity.