Assistive Technology For Low Vision

Perhaps you or a loved one has just learned that you have Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD. So what is AMD? AMD is a common eye condition that is the leading cause of vision loss in people aged 60 and over. It causes damage to a small spot near the center of the eye called the Macula. The macula is located on the eye’s retina and is used to see objects in sharp focus.
AMD does not lead to complete blindness by itself. However, it can lead to a significant loss of central vision. Therefore, AMD can interfere with simple everyday activities such as driving, reading, writing or your ability to do close work.

The degeneration typically advances slowly, so you may not have been aware of its effects. As AMD progresses, a blurred area near the center of the eye is common. In time the blurred area will likely grow larger or you may develop blank spots in your central vision. There are two types of AMD: Geographic Atrophy, which is a gradual breakdown of light sensitive cells and Neovascular AMD which is caused by the abnormal growth of blood vessels underneath the retina.

Currently there are no cures for AMD, but there are activities and supplements which may slow its progress. Researchers have found that by avoiding smoking, getting regular exercise and eating nutritious foods such green leafy vegetables and fish can be helpful. In addition some studies have shown that certain high dose vitamins and minerals may slow the disease’s progression. (Source: National Eye Institute).
Our Bierley Maggie MD Portable Video Magnifier can be helpful with its white text on a black background for reading. It removes the glare when reading restaurant menus, prescriptions or other fine print.

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