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ActiveForever Launches Essential Gifts Catalog as Fundraising Tool for Health Care Industry


Medical and health non-profits, associations, employers leverage this unique catalog to raise funds and make lives better.

Scottsdale, AZ, November 12, 2013 — ActiveForever releases its annual Essential Gifts Collection print catalog as families make plans for their Thanksgiving travel and gatherings. Individuals making end-of-year health and medical spending decisions will also benefit from the wealth of guidance and specials offered inside the catalog.

“Each year as I engage in the final edits of our catalog, I find myself more impressed than the year prior. Twenty years after publishing that first catalog, our selection (and pricing) remains a compelling force. It’s also a pleasure to walk through our warehouse and be able to find the perfect gift for every friend and family member on my own shopping list,” states ActiveForever’s CEO, Erika Feinberg.

ActiveForever designed the Essential Gifts Collection catalog as a fund-raising medium for non-profits and associations. The product selection — medical, beauty, fitness, safety, and assistive technology related gift ideas — makes this catalog an ideal revenue channel for a condition-specific group such as the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center or Arthritis Foundation. Groups earn a percentage of every product sale. This offers a win-win opportunity, as product selection helps improve quality of life.

The catalog is also an ideal tool for self-insured employers, employees with HSA or FSA health plans, or employers with wellness programs. It can be leveraged to raise money for specific efforts or to run an employee rewards program. ActiveForever also has a built-in rewards program that, in itself, rewards health, safety and productivity related spending decisions.

About ActiveForever:

ActiveForever offers the best choices in medical equipment, e-low vision devices/assistive technology, athletic performance and rehabilitation/healing devices, home-care equipment, productivity and safety products for the home, travel and workplace.

ActiveForever is a fully integrated sales, marketing, warehousing and fulfillment services agency. It is a multi-channel merchant with print product catalogs for staff and patient education, retail showrooms with education centers, a warehouse/distribution services center and one of the nation’s top ranked eCommerce websites.

Print Healthcare Innovations catalogs are more medical in nature, and free for care providers to share with their patients, therapists, athletes, employees, residents and caregivers anywhere in the country. See all ActiveForever print catalogs offered. is available for quick, interactive product solution guidance. More information can be found at

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UniBand Resistance Bands for Summer-time Strength Training

Summer is coming and you knew it would. It happens every year at approximately the same time. Are you ready this year? If not, don’t fear. Unibands are here!!
UniBandThe latex-free resistance bands are colorful, resilient and durable. They instantly amp up any workout or routine; targeting problematic, leftover winter flab on arms, legs, backs, glutes and any other danger zones with a powerful laser-like precision.

The Unibands the only resistance bands on the market built to withstand harsh pool chemicals so they make for a fun addition to water aerobics as well.

Unibands come in a range of color-coded resistance levels that facilitate customized  weight training sessions. Just like free weights, the Unibands target major muscle groups as well as the smaller, under-worked neighbors, providing attractive tone and definition.

Unlike bulky, costly weights however, there’s no need to continue purchasing more equipment as your strength training routine progresses over time. No to mention that they are a breeze to store and a cinch to lug around. As with all of our UniBand products, when you buy them from ActiveForever, they ship FREE.

Why you ask? Simple. We are here for YOU. We want you to look great this summer in your sleeveless shirts and two-pieces and whatever else you want to wear throughout the most sweltering of seasons.

We love these Resistance Band exercise routines we found online!