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Great New Product Offerings for March at ActiveForever!

New Products for March 2014 - Shop
We’re highlighting great new offerings this March in the categories you shop the most! Here’s a sample of what’s new:

  • Fitness – fitness wedges for yoga and stretching, cycles and steppers for home workouts.
  • Health – heart rate and blood pressure monitors that fit on your wrist and go with you anywhere.
  • Mobility – knee cruisers, walkers and scooters – plus a new designer cane with a bit of bling.
  • Tech – big button phones and easy-to-use wake-up alarms.

We are also seeing innovations in Bath Safety, Medical Supplies, Compression and more – check out our “New Products” page for daily product updates and improved independent living!

ActiveForever is very proud to announce that we have been chosen as the medical equipment and community marketing programs provider for UCIN’s Urgent Care Network’s members!

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Sybil Yeaman

(480) 247-9223


Scottsdale, AZ – July 1, 2013 – John Shufeldt, MD, Urgent Care Industry thought leader today announced Urgent Care Integrated Network (UCIN) membership is free to all independent urgent care centers.

UCIN specifically serves the purchasing and contracting needs of independent urgent care practices.  As the cost of doing business continues to escalate, independent practices now can enjoy access to a scalable solution that heretofore only large corporate enterprises or hospital systems were able to achieve. An array of products and services provide the tools every urgent care enterprise needs to operate both efficiently and profitably.

“Today, the urgent care business is much different than it used to be. Not long ago, reimbursements were fair and supported the reasonable profitability of centers. That is decidedly not the case today.  Independent urgent care centers are being severely squeezed by payers, large competitors and hospital systems.” said John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, UNCIN’s Founder and CEO “Single specialty networks and group purchasing organizations allow independent centers to compete on a level playing field with the corporate giants. This was the catalyst for the formation of the Urgent Care Integrated Network,” said Shufeldt,

Dr. Shufeldts’ twenty plus years in urgent care practice ownership, management and consulting has given him a unique insight and a wealth of knowledge about an important segment of the nation’s health care delivery system.  Membership in UCIN provides a gateway for Urgent Care practices to purchase at a discount, products and services that include Medical and Pharmaceuticals supplies, Radiological Equipment, Malpractice Insurance, Virtual Medical Care, Urgent Care Consulting, HR Services and much more.

UCIN is an attractive option that will save centers thousands of dollars annually using a comprehensive suite of clinical, legal and financial services supported by a team of experienced professionals. Membership applications are available on the network’s website at

Additionally, UCIN partners with vendors who guarantee the quality of their products and services and who have extensive experience in the urgent care space. UCIN is committed to assisting its members operate more efficiently and at less cost.

Independent urgent care practices can find more information and sign up for free membership directly on the network’s website at


 If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Shufeldt, please call Sybil Yeaman at (480) 247-9223 or e-mail Sybil at has been chosen as the Medical Equipment and Community Marketing Programs Provider for UCIN’s Urgent Care Network members!

ActiveForever offers the largest selection and best pricing in medical equipment, athletic performance equipment, rehabilitation/healing devices, home-care equipment, productivity & e-low vision devices/assistive technology, and safety products for the home, vacations, gifts, travel and workplace.

Also enjoy free supply of print product catalogs for your staff and patients: product guidance for patients, therapists, athletes, employees, residents and caregivers anywhere in the country. Most orders ship same-day!

In addition to equipment and medical product innovations, ActiveForever offers targeted and very effective programs:

  •  A custom hybrid print product catalog for patient care, with practice marketing messages throughout
  • A custom, co-branded online equipment and medical product innovations marketplace
  • Regional email marketing campaigns that connect patients and referral partners to urgent care practices
  • Programs that effectively connect community referral partners and patients to urgent care locations
  • An employee health and wellness rewards program
  • Ongoing improved patient care outcomes and healthy practice growth initiatives for questions, orders and patient care catalog requests


Tankless Oxygen Therapy

SimplyGo Tankless Oxygen Machine

Your body is a complicated system. Through aging or genetic ailments, you may suffer unfortunate physiological consequences that hinder your ability to get the most out of your day. One of these ailments is the lack of the body to utilize oxygen to the fullest extent. While it is in your best interest to see your doctor regarding such problems (feeling tired, naseous, etc.), it is likely that your doctor will recommend purchasing an oxygen concentrator so your body can feel revitalized again.

Hemoglobin is the primary oxygen carrier in the body; conditions such as anemia and hypoxia can debilitate an individual to the point that they can’t think straight. This can affect performances at work and home, and with the busy schedules of you and many other Americans, you can lose a lot of productivity without the right aid. Oxygen concentrators come in a variety of sizes and volumes, and depending on your specific condition and lifestyle, you will likely buy an oxygen concentrator that fits your physical needs best.

An interesting fact regarding the effectiveness of oxygen concentrators over oxygen tanks is in a recent single-blind clinical study; portable oxygen concentrators were compared over liquid oxygen tanks in terms of their oxygen delivery to COPD patients with exercise-induced hypoxaemia. Interestingly, there’s no difference between liquid oxygen-delivery and oxygen concentration delivery. The evidence is clear: oxygen concentrators are just as effective as the large liquid oxygen canisters people carry around, and don’t need to be replenished with liquid oxygen. On average, a portable oxygen tank will last a person for 9-10 hours. This can be bad if you’re getting ready to go on a trip or won’t be home for a while. Additionally, the money you will have to pay to fill up your oxygen tanks will continue to be spent, whereas portable oxygen concentrators like the SimplyGo require no refill of oxygen. If you require oxygen therapy and want to increase your mobility you need need to purchase a tankless oxygen machine today.

Throw Away Those Bulky Oxygen Tanks And Get Your Mobility Back! 

What Is COPD

What is COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis and is also known as: chronic obstructive lung disease. Is a progressive disease that gets worse over time and limits airflow to and from the lungs, causing shortness of breath. This shortness of breath is called dyspnea. COPD produces large amounts of mucus (a slimy substance), wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and other symptoms. COPD is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. COPD ranks as the 6th leading cause of death world wide a number that is expected to rise of the coming years as more countries become more industrialized. Read more on COPD therapies on the website.

Our most popular items for managing COPD in a handy downloadable and printable flyer COPD Help



We just served our MILLIONTH CUSTOMER THIS YEAR!!!!!! We see it as, millions of little smiles; lives we’ve made better and treatment outcomes we’ve improved. Thank you!!!! Please engage and enjoy ActiveForever, it’s always our goal to amaze and delight you!!!!! (Create a login and see celebration pricing!)

Bathroom Remodeling For Seniors

It’s official, Baby Boomers are retiring. According to PEW Research Center Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 Boomers a day. This avalanche of seniors will continue for the next 19 years. The most active and fiercely independent generation is entering their golden years and they want to stay as active and independent as they can for as long as they can. The main ingredient in doing so is the remodeling of their homes. With 77 million Boomers representing 50% of all US discretionary spending this is a trend not to ignore. We strongly recommend looking for someone who is a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS). Here are a few ideas that will help any Boomer get their remodel started:

Don’t Wait – The best advice you can give on an aging-in-place remodel is to not wait. Many wait till it is an emergency and then cannot return home from injury or illness and may have to be transferred to an assisted living or nursing care facility while the remodel is complete. It is better to plan and even possibly phase the project.

Bathroom – The bathroom is a prime place to start. There is much in the bathroom that can present safety issues that can be resolved with varying levels of effort and cost, most are easily addressed. Here are a few key items for any aging-in-place bathroom remodel:

o Zero Step Shower Entry – this may be a bit more involved but presents, probably, the greatest safety from falling.

o Shower Seat & Handheld Shower – this will ensure independence in the shower.

o Grab Bars – need to be installed anywhere where there will be any maneuvering happening. The NAHB says 80% of CAPS projects last year included grab bars.

o Bidet Toilet Seat – this ensures independence in the most private of daily activities. brondell-swash-900-toilet-seat

The bidet toilet seat also presents better hygiene and thus confidence for the aging. Nothing depletes independence or confidence more than not being able to clean oneself properly or at all, and the bidet toilet seat is such an easy install.

o Flooring – removing carpeted areas diminishes risks of tripping and going for honed finishes instead of polished finished help with reducing slipping accidents.

o Toilet – replace the standard height (14.5 in) toilet with a 16 in toilet to make getting up and down easier.

o Faucets – add anti-scalding protection to the sink and shower.

• Lighting – One of the most overlooked items in a remodel for aging-in-place is the lighting because the need for more light happens so incrementally that it goes unnoticed. Those of us that are more aged require at least three times more light than someone in their twenties or thirties. Areas where activity happens is a good place to focus:

o Under Cabinet
o Hallways
o Bathrooms

• Hardware – Swapping out knobs for pulls for cabinets and changing out door knobs for levers is a great way to reduce daily frustration. According to the National Academy on an Aging Society 46% of those 65+ years of age suffer from arthritis.

These are just some ideas to get you started. The important thing to remember is that 80% of those surveyed by AARP expressed a desire to stay in their home. A good place to start is with the toilet and install a Brondell Swash bidet toilet seat today! See  more Brondell products at 

Core Strengthening and Coordination with Core Laser Pro Physical Therapy

ActiveForever-logoThe best kept secret among professionals for vastly improved motor control, coordination and blood circulation in the shortest amount of time, is the Core Laser Pro GymThis comprehensive clinical-grade core stabilization and rehabilitation therapy system from ActiveForever is truly making waves.

The Core Laser Pro Gym is a specialized and highly targeted rehabilitation and training system, developed by leading physical therapists and physicians. It is the latest, must-have device among top athletic trainers, physical therapy and pain and rehabilitation specialists.

The Core Laser Gym provides clinicians and patients alike with the ability to track core movement in real time, allowing for instantly trackable gains in motor control and core power. The Neuro-Muscular connections formed by the combination of visual feedback and physical action ensures patient results are not only immediate, but long lasting.

Those that have invested in this device swear by it’s effectiveness. Take advantage of a $50 mail-in rebate when you buy now.