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Hip protection undergarments have finally come into the next generation with ComfiHips®

How to choose an undergarment that can help prevent a hip fracture when someone falls:

A favorite choice of high quality and very well-priced hip protectors.
A favorite choice of high quality and very well-priced hip protectors.

Breaking a hip can stop you in your tracks.  Whether you’re an athlete, a senior citizen, or someone with a high risk of falling, wearing a hip protector can help you avoid breaking your hip when you fall! It can also help you avoid re-injuring your hips after you’ve had surgery.  You can also get two pair for the price of just one traditional brand of hip protector undergarment.

In the past, most hip protectors have either been “plastic shells (hard) or foam pads (soft) usually fitted in pockets in specially designed underwear”. A simple piece of foam placed in the hip area of an undergarment has been called “a hip protector.” If you pinch your fingers on those foam pads, they tend to bottom out. So, can you imagine what kind of impact this piece of foam would absorb if

someone’s entire body weight fell onto the pad? There’s now a much better choice of padding technology that protects hips

during falls.

After 5 years of research and development,

including a materials impact study at the University of Florida, and numerous consultations with experts in the field, ComfiHips® was developed.  With its 5 patents (U.S. and International), ComfiHips is truly the next generation of hip protectors!

Why is it the best for you and your loved ones?

  1. The pads have an inner core that is used to help absorb and dissipate impact in automobiles, boats and trains. Each pad weighs less than 25 potato chips yet can absorb up to 87.2% of impact upon a lateral fall!
  2. ComfiHips® pads are low profile, flexible and comfortable and you cannot pinch your fingers down on them, unlike others.  You can definitely feel the difference in quality and protection between the traditional hip protectors and the hip protection you gain from ComfiHips.
  3. In an independent study at SUNY, “ComfiHips statistically outperformed the other hip protectors it was tested against”. All hip protectors were tested up to 10,000 Newtons, which is a huge amount of force that simulates a real life fall.
  4. The pads, which are made in the USA, easily fit into the undergarment inside pockets and sit strategically over the greater trochanter. (Hip bone).
  5. Extremely cost effective – 2 undergarments and 2 pads in a package so you never have to be without your hip protector! (Unlike others on the market that make you buy 1 undergarment and 2 pads in a package and cost more!) Also includes “Fall Prevention Tips for Home Safety” We don’t want you falling, and you want your hips comfy as you’re wearing a protective undergarment.  You can definitely count on ComfiHips being comfortable, staying in place, and helping to protect your hips! Unlike the traditional choices out there, ComfiHips offers extra undergarments, 2 in a package, for extra days of the week, wash and wear, also making it so affordable!
  6. The undergarments (ladies or men’s briefs) help bring dignity back to our users; different than competitors’ unisex or strange colored undergarments.  Take a look at the difference between the ComfiHips undergarments made for males and females versus what competitors offer.
  7. Feedback from customers include comments such as: “I love them because no one can tell that I am wearing them, and they’re very comfortable!”
  8. Simply measure the waist at the belly button and look at our size chart – if an incontinent product is also worn, no worries, just go up one size.
  9. Washing of undergarments follows the CDC Guidelines or simply wash them in cold water.
  10. Pads can be wiped with a Virox wipe, Clorox wipe or soapy water.  Do not put them in the washing machine, as they need to be worn in an undergarment at all times.

ActiveForever is so proud to bring you ComfiHips® today so you may help to improve the quality of life for yourself, and a loved one!


Aquacreek ADA compliant pool lift from ActiveForever

Ideal Choices of ADA Pool Lifts!

Versatile ADA Pool Lift

The Revolution is our most versatile pool lift and can accommodate patrons up to 500lbs. The Revolution is the only lift offering multiple attachments such as; sling seat, wheelchair attachment, gurney attachment and a spine board attachment. With this level of versatility, this lift is ideal for medical centers, rehab facilities and YMCA’s.
Aquacreek ADA compliant pool lift from ActiveForever

Revolution ADA Pool Lift

Standard equipment includes dual flip-up armrests, flip-up footrest, 22″ wide chair, 24V battery & charger, waterproof handset remote and a safety belt.

 Aquacreek ADA compliant pool lift wspineboard from ActiveForever

Revolution Lift with Spine Board

This lift can be purchased with an optional spine board for additional functionality. We also offer this with a head immobilizer and padded velcro straps. The flip-down clamps allow for quick release and re-attachment.

 Aquacreek ADA compliant pool lift wheelchair from ActiveForever

Revolution Lift with Wheelchair

The Revolution lift is available with a wheelchair that can be attached directly to the lift, we also offer a stretcher/gurney attachment for additional versatility.

Our larger rotate style lifts, such as the Revolution lift shown, are independently verified ADA compliant and rotate a full 360 degrees in either direction providing the benefit of multiple access points. We offer a complete line of 9 ADA compliant models to fit every need and every pool configuration.

The ADA swimming pool specialists at are very well-informed, and know how to get you to the best choices of compliant equipment at the best cost.

Rarely will you find such an amazing deal on two great items. We believe that we have found the perfect devices for the young and the mature AND we are able to offer them at a phenomenal price.

We would first like to introduce you to the Home Electronic Silencer. This device is simply magical in so that it will automatically silence any device that is plugged into it when the home phone line rings. You may ask yourself who would benefit from such an item and we have the answer.


It is getting more and more common for folks to work from a home office and it is important to have peace and quiet when a client (or boss) calls on the phone. With this device you will never have to say, “hold on, I have to turn the … down.” Now the phone rings and everything is silenced. Magical. It will even pause the movie you are watching. Pretty cool.

A second group of people this item would work for is the hard of hearing. It clearly makes sense that they can’t hear the phone ring with the TV blasting and the person on the other end certainly can’t enjoy the conversation when all they can hear are re-runs of “The Love Boat” in the background. When the phone rings the TV is silenced by the Home Electronic Silencer. This is great news for both the phone call receiver and the placer.

Did I mention this would be a perfect gift for someone moving into a planned living community? It would be a perfect addition to your new resident welcome basket!

The second great item will benefit everyone who tries to sneak in little cat naps throughout the day. Most of us are not near a bed, lounge chair or hammock so we have to make do. Face down on a hard vertical surface or if we can get passed losing the feeling and mobility in our arms we will place our bulky and heavy skulls on our arms to get that cat nap we crave. ActiveForever has uncovered a very unique item that will now allow for face down cat naps without the pain and discomfort of an “asleep arm”. The Slumber Sleeve  can be worn over your arm, wrist, leg or ankle, it moves with you and you can change sleep positions naturally – and sleep like a kid again.

This would make a perfect gift for your graduating senior that is heading off to college. Long hours in the library makes Slumber Sleeve a very valuable tool in surviving university life and its many demands. Specifically, sleep deprivation demands.

Both the Home Electronic Silencer and the Slumber Sleeve can be purchased in our Retail Stores for .99 cents! Or save up to 86% by purchasing online!

Down & Dirty

0041106_quasar-md-plus-advanced-light-therapy-deviceI am definitely a fan of pampering, from a pedicure to a deep tissue massage I have no problem spoiling myself. For some reason I have never been a fan of facials. I relate spa treatments to relationships and for me, deep tissue massages give me that “friend with benefits” connection – I know what I am getting into, it can be a little painful but the end result is very satisfying. Facials are like the “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am.” While indulgent and filled with euphoria while they are happening, the magic is normally gone within a day and I am left feeling empty and yearning for more.

I enjoy the relaxation part of a facial, but for the money, I feel like I can do better with a primed at-home skin regime, annual visits to my dermatologist and bi-weekly treatment with my Baby Quasar PLUS. Facials offer a topical treatment and don’t penetrate the deep layers of skin where I need the most attention.

My Baby Quasar PLUS (BQ Plus) is my “Knight in Shining Armor” – one that comes to my aide, makes me feel beautiful and never lets me down. I know that when I use my BQ PLUS, I am getting to the root of the matter. Highly absorbent red and infrared light penetrates my skin producing a unique therapeutic effect thus treating instead of simply masking my skin. What I have saved from not getting facials has more than paid for the BQ PLUS. The look and feel of my skin has improved dramatically and now I have more money to spend on other things.

According to the International Spa Association, facials are the third most popular spa treatment right behind massages and manicures or pedicures. It’s understandable – facials certainly make you feel good and good about you by offering relaxation and rejuvenation. If you are merely looking for a temporary fix and pick me up, facials are probably for you. However, if you are looking for lasting results, in-home and portable convenience and exceptional customer support, Baby Quasar Plus Red Light Therapy Device or Quasar MD Plus Advanced Light Therapy Device can probably give you that “happily, ever after” you are looking for.

Nicole K. Kelley
Communications Coordinator – Quasar Biotech



Mobility Scooters Solutions

As we grow and age, preserving our independence becomes more and more important. One of the hallmarks of independence is mobility. The passage of time and or injury can lead to a loss of mobility. With age for example, whether through muscle or bone loss it can become increasingly difficult to move from place to place. Injuries, whether temporary or permanent can makes us dependent on the help of others which in many instances may not be available as often as we need it.
Therefore, depending on your injury or your physical condition, having access to a mobility scooter maybe the answer. Mobility scooters can be used indoors or out of doors. The scooters are well designed and electric powered. They have small turning radius’s which makes it ideal for performing everyday tasks within the home. In addition, when running errands such as going shopping or perhaps even attending the grandkids graduation, they can be the ideal solution.
They come in a variety of sizes, power ratings, speeds and weight carrying capacities. The scooters are very easy to maintain and to operate. They are designed to make it easy to enter and exit. So if you enjoy your freedom whether at home, at work, or at play the mobility scooter can add years to your independence.

Great Skin Care

Great skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent many skin problems. One of the most important ways to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun. A lifetime of over exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, age spots and an increased risk of skin cancer.

r and rUsing a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15 can be effective against the sun’s harmful rays. In addition to protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays you might also consider moisturizers. Activities such as long hot showers and baths can remove oils and moisture from your skin. A daily regimen of using moisturizers and lotions can be effective in restoring the skin’s natural oils.

Finally, uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. To encourage healthy skin and a healthy state of mind take steps to manage your stress. Following these simple steps can lead to dramatic improvements in your skin’s appearance.

Orthopedics Solutions

ortho The musculoskeletal system is comprised of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin and nerves. Within these systems there can be many disorders. The medical specialty for these systems is called Orthopedics. A few examples of potential disorders are:

 Fractures and dislocations
 Torn ligaments, sprains, and strains
 Tendon injuries, pulled muscles, and bursitis
 Ruptured disks, sciatica, and low back pain
 Arthritis and osteoporosis

Almost all of these injuries or disorders will require after care, once you have received treatment from your physician. The after care and potentially the need for medical supplies will be important for a full return to mobility, strength and health. In many instances these products have been designed by orthopedic surgeons and will be worn during recovery and/or rehabilitation.
So, whether you have a chronic condition such as arthritis or back pain, a workplace injury such as a burn or strain, or a sports injury such as a torn ligament or fracture. You can find pain relief through the use of orthopedic products.

Oxygen Therapy Solutions

oxygen tankOxygen is essential for all life. Oxygen is found in the air we breathe, and the human body using our lungs is able to extract and deliver it to our blood and tissues. The transfer from our lungs to our blood takes place via very tiny air sacs call alveoli that are covered with tiny blood vessels called capillaries. As our blood passes through the capillaries, it becomes oxygen rich and our hearts then pump the oxygen rich blood throughout our bodies. For most people this process is effortless and occurs throughout our lifetime.
However, some people with breathing disorders are not able to get enough oxygen naturally and require supplemental therapies. Ironically, although oxygen is naturally occurring, it is considered a medicine and must be prescribed by a doctor if you have a breathing disorder. Examples of breathing disorders that affect the transfer of oxygen to the blood include pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung disease, respiratory trauma, emphysema, heart failure, and cystic fibrosis.
Your doctor will decide whether you need oxygen therapy based on the results of tests, such as an arterial blood gas test and/or a pulse oximetry test. These tests measure how much oxygen is in your blood. A low oxygen level is a sign that you need oxygen therapy.
Oxygen therapy helps many people function better and have more active lives. It also may:
• Decrease shortness of breath and fatigue
• Improve sleep
• Increase the lifespan of people who have COPD
Although you may need oxygen therapy long term, it doesn’t have to limit your daily routine. Portable oxygen units can make it easier for you to move around and do many daily activities. Talk with your doctor if you have questions about whether certain activities are safe for you.
A home equipment provider will work with you to make sure you have the supplies and equipment you need. Trained staff will also show you how to use the equipment correctly and safely.
Oxygen therapy is generally safe, but it can pose a fire hazard. To safely use your oxygen equipment, please follow the instructions you receive from your home equipment provider.

Assistive Listening Devices

0041588_bellman-symfon-mino-digital-personal-amplifier_260Hearing loss is a common disorder associated with aging. About 30-35 percent of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 years have some hearing loss. As we age, that percentage increases until at 75, it is estimated that 40-50 percent of people have some hearing loss. The medical term for this gradual hearing loss is Presbycusis.
The hearing loss associated with Presbycusis does not encompass the full spectrum of sounds. For example, it may be difficult for someone to hear the nearby chirping of a bird or the ringing of a telephone. However, the same person may be able to hear clearly the low-pitched sound of a truck rumbling down the street.
The ear is comprised of three parts the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Presbycusis most commonly arises in the inner ear, but can occur as well in the middle ear or from changes in the nerves pathways leading to the brain. Typically, both ears experience the same degree of hearing loss, but it is possible that only one ear is affected.
As mentioned earlier, the onset is gradual so your symptoms may go unnoticed for years. Once noticed, these symptoms may include:
 High-pitched sounds such as “s” and “th” are difficult to hear or tell apart.
 The speech of others may seem mumbled or garbled.
 Conversations may be difficult to follow, especially when there is background noise.
 Male voices may be easier to hear than the higher pitched voices of women.
 Certain sounds may seem annoying or overly loud.
 Tinnitus (a ringing, roaring, or hissing sound in one or both ears) may also occur.

There are many strategies to help people with Presbycusis. Hearing aids may be recommended for some individuals. Assistive listening devices can provide further improvement in hearing ability in certain situations. One example of such a device is the built-in telephone amplifier. Another example is FM systems that can make sound clearer, with or without a hearing aid, by delivering sound waves like a radio. Training in speech reading (using visual cues to determine what is being spoken) can help those with Presbycusis to understand better what is being said in conversations or presentations.

Solving The Problem No One Wants to Talk About

freedomwand-toilet-tissue-aid_260June 9, 2006 is the day my life changed forever when a car accident left me with a broken back.

There’s an aspect of debilitating injuries that isn’t publicly discussed: Personal hygiene. I was humiliated and frustrated as others tended to my personal needs and cleanliness, and I was dismayed when my occupational therapist told me there were few products on the market that could help me.

So I created the FreedomWand®. Now almost everyone can attend to their own hygiene.

The FreedomWand®’s “grippers” securely hold toilet paper. It is adjustable and can be used as short as 7 inches or as long as 25 inches, and it can be carried discreetly, because it collapses and comes with a cloth carry bag.

Besides using it in the toilet, there are other uses for the FreedomWand®. Insert a loofa or washcloth and washing those hard-to-reach places isn’t difficult. Insert a disposable razor and a clean-shaven face, legs, or underarms are easy to achieve. And by inserting a cotton ball or small make-up sponge, applying ointment to the toes, hips, knees or back is simple.

I’ve heard from many people who have several FreedomWand®s; one in each bathroom, and one for “on-the-go.” (Pardon the pun.) And users tell me of other situations in which the FreedomWand® has been helpful.

“FreedomWand® is nothing short of a true blessing. I can now actually go out and not have to worry about my personal hygiene. Your product has opened so many doors for me that I had lost a long time ago.” ~ John
I’m so glad I’m able to help others regain their freedom and dignity with the FreedomWand®.

Assistive Technology For Low Vision

Perhaps you or a loved one has just learned that you have Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD. So what is AMD? AMD is a common eye condition that is the leading cause of vision loss in people aged 60 and over. It causes damage to a small spot near the center of the eye called the Macula. The macula is located on the eye’s retina and is used to see objects in sharp focus.
AMD does not lead to complete blindness by itself. However, it can lead to a significant loss of central vision. Therefore, AMD can interfere with simple everyday activities such as driving, reading, writing or your ability to do close work.

The degeneration typically advances slowly, so you may not have been aware of its effects. As AMD progresses, a blurred area near the center of the eye is common. In time the blurred area will likely grow larger or you may develop blank spots in your central vision. There are two types of AMD: Geographic Atrophy, which is a gradual breakdown of light sensitive cells and Neovascular AMD which is caused by the abnormal growth of blood vessels underneath the retina.

Currently there are no cures for AMD, but there are activities and supplements which may slow its progress. Researchers have found that by avoiding smoking, getting regular exercise and eating nutritious foods such green leafy vegetables and fish can be helpful. In addition some studies have shown that certain high dose vitamins and minerals may slow the disease’s progression. (Source: National Eye Institute).
Our Bierley Maggie MD Portable Video Magnifier can be helpful with its white text on a black background for reading. It removes the glare when reading restaurant menus, prescriptions or other fine print.

Great New Product Offerings for March at ActiveForever!

New Products for March 2014 - Shop
We’re highlighting great new offerings this March in the categories you shop the most! Here’s a sample of what’s new:

  • Fitness – fitness wedges for yoga and stretching, cycles and steppers for home workouts.
  • Health – heart rate and blood pressure monitors that fit on your wrist and go with you anywhere.
  • Mobility – knee cruisers, walkers and scooters – plus a new designer cane with a bit of bling.
  • Tech – big button phones and easy-to-use wake-up alarms.


We are also seeing innovations in Bath Safety, Medical Supplies, Compression and more – check out our “New Products” page for daily product updates and improved independent living!

ActiveForever is very proud to announce that we have been chosen as the medical equipment and community marketing programs provider for UCIN’s Urgent Care Network’s members!

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Sybil Yeaman

(480) 247-9223


Scottsdale, AZ – July 1, 2013 – John Shufeldt, MD, Urgent Care Industry thought leader today announced Urgent Care Integrated Network (UCIN) membership is free to all independent urgent care centers.

UCIN specifically serves the purchasing and contracting needs of independent urgent care practices.  As the cost of doing business continues to escalate, independent practices now can enjoy access to a scalable solution that heretofore only large corporate enterprises or hospital systems were able to achieve. An array of products and services provide the tools every urgent care enterprise needs to operate both efficiently and profitably.

“Today, the urgent care business is much different than it used to be. Not long ago, reimbursements were fair and supported the reasonable profitability of centers. That is decidedly not the case today.  Independent urgent care centers are being severely squeezed by payers, large competitors and hospital systems.” said John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, UNCIN’s Founder and CEO “Single specialty networks and group purchasing organizations allow independent centers to compete on a level playing field with the corporate giants. This was the catalyst for the formation of the Urgent Care Integrated Network,” said Shufeldt,

Dr. Shufeldts’ twenty plus years in urgent care practice ownership, management and consulting has given him a unique insight and a wealth of knowledge about an important segment of the nation’s health care delivery system.  Membership in UCIN provides a gateway for Urgent Care practices to purchase at a discount, products and services that include Medical and Pharmaceuticals supplies, Radiological Equipment, Malpractice Insurance, Virtual Medical Care, Urgent Care Consulting, HR Services and much more.

UCIN is an attractive option that will save centers thousands of dollars annually using a comprehensive suite of clinical, legal and financial services supported by a team of experienced professionals. Membership applications are available on the network’s website at

Additionally, UCIN partners with vendors who guarantee the quality of their products and services and who have extensive experience in the urgent care space. UCIN is committed to assisting its members operate more efficiently and at less cost.

Independent urgent care practices can find more information and sign up for free membership directly on the network’s website at


 If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Shufeldt, please call Sybil Yeaman at (480) 247-9223 or e-mail Sybil at has been chosen as the Medical Equipment and Community Marketing Programs Provider for UCIN’s Urgent Care Network members!

ActiveForever offers the largest selection and best pricing in medical equipment, athletic performance equipment, rehabilitation/healing devices, home-care equipment, productivity & e-low vision devices/assistive technology, and safety products for the home, vacations, gifts, travel and workplace.

Also enjoy free supply of print product catalogs for your staff and patients: product guidance for patients, therapists, athletes, employees, residents and caregivers anywhere in the country. Most orders ship same-day!

In addition to equipment and medical product innovations, ActiveForever offers targeted and very effective programs:

  •  A custom hybrid print product catalog for patient care, with practice marketing messages throughout
  • A custom, co-branded online equipment and medical product innovations marketplace
  • Regional email marketing campaigns that connect patients and referral partners to urgent care practices
  • Programs that effectively connect community referral partners and patients to urgent care locations
  • An employee health and wellness rewards program
  • Ongoing improved patient care outcomes and healthy practice growth initiatives for questions, orders and patient care catalog requests


SimplyGo Tankless Oxygen Machine

Your body is a complicated system. Through aging or genetic ailments, you may suffer unfortunate physiological consequences that hinder your ability to get the most out of your day. One of these ailments is the lack of the body to utilize oxygen to the fullest extent. While it is in your best interest to see your doctor regarding such problems (feeling tired, naseous, etc.), it is likely that your doctor will recommend purchasing an oxygen concentrator so your body can feel revitalized again.

Hemoglobin is the primary oxygen carrier in the body; conditions such as anemia and hypoxia can debilitate an individual to the point that they can’t think straight. This can affect performances at work and home, and with the busy schedules of you and many other Americans, you can lose a lot of productivity without the right aid. Oxygen concentrators come in a variety of sizes and volumes, and depending on your specific condition and lifestyle, you will likely buy an oxygen concentrator that fits your physical needs best.

An interesting fact regarding the effectiveness of oxygen concentrators over oxygen tanks is in a recent single-blind clinical study; portable oxygen concentrators were compared over liquid oxygen tanks in terms of their oxygen delivery to COPD patients with exercise-induced hypoxaemia. Interestingly, there’s no difference between liquid oxygen-delivery and oxygen concentration delivery. The evidence is clear: oxygen concentrators are just as effective as the large liquid oxygen canisters people carry around, and don’t need to be replenished with liquid oxygen. On average, a portable oxygen tank will last a person for 9-10 hours. This can be bad if you’re getting ready to go on a trip or won’t be home for a while. Additionally, the money you will have to pay to fill up your oxygen tanks will continue to be spent, whereas portable oxygen concentrators like the SimplyGo require no refill of oxygen. If you require oxygen therapy and want to increase your mobility you need need to purchase a tankless oxygen machine today.

Throw Away Those Bulky Oxygen Tanks And Get Your Mobility Back!