Cool or Heat Mattress Pad is Just Right

aflogo-96x96We’ve all been there and would most likely be willing to attest that sometimes a blanket—no matter how wonderful that particular blanket may be—just doesn’t cover it.

The Cool or Heat Sleep Pad from ActiveForever may look innocent enough, but in reality, these simple cushions  are highly functioning, sleep-inducing machines.

At 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, they work as a personalized mattress pad infused with safe, thermoelectric technology. These soft platforms arm the individual with the power to manipulate the nighttime climate to their hearts desire—providing cool or heat—without infringing on the temperature rights of another person.

Oh sure, we quickly forget winter’s stinging chill while showered in mellow, mid-summer rays. With December on the decline, those diplomatic degrees are nothing more than memories. Now we seek refuge from the nip that breaks the clothing barrier, past the skin to nestle within the disconsolate sinew of our very bones.

Then, once the weather thaws again, these versatile mattress covers bestow a deep relaxing cool; negating the need for thermostat adjustments; making it a money saver too.

Click the pic to see a Cool or Heat Mattress Pad demonstration.












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