Solving The Problem No One Wants to Talk About

freedomwand-toilet-tissue-aid_260June 9, 2006 is the day my life changed forever when a car accident left me with a broken back.

There’s an aspect of debilitating injuries that isn’t publicly discussed: Personal hygiene. I was humiliated and frustrated as others tended to my personal needs and cleanliness, and I was dismayed when my occupational therapist told me there were few products on the market that could help me.

So I created the FreedomWand®. Now almost everyone can attend to their own hygiene.

The FreedomWand®’s “grippers” securely hold toilet paper. It is adjustable and can be used as short as 7 inches or as long as 25 inches, and it can be carried discreetly, because it collapses and comes with a cloth carry bag.

Besides using it in the toilet, there are other uses for the FreedomWand®. Insert a loofa or washcloth and washing those hard-to-reach places isn’t difficult. Insert a disposable razor and a clean-shaven face, legs, or underarms are easy to achieve. And by inserting a cotton ball or small make-up sponge, applying ointment to the toes, hips, knees or back is simple.

I’ve heard from many people who have several FreedomWand®s; one in each bathroom, and one for “on-the-go.” (Pardon the pun.) And users tell me of other situations in which the FreedomWand® has been helpful.

“FreedomWand® is nothing short of a true blessing. I can now actually go out and not have to worry about my personal hygiene. Your product has opened so many doors for me that I had lost a long time ago.” ~ John
I’m so glad I’m able to help others regain their freedom and dignity with the FreedomWand®.

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