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For Heart Problems, a User-Friendly Defibrillator

aflogo-96x96If you are like most people, you may have never compared one defibrillator to another; examining the qualities that separate a best-seller from those that flounder in the marketplace, or worse, fail to do their job.

The Phillips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator is the most popular defibrillator at ActiveForever. As we all know, heart problems can be deadly, and they can strike anywhere, at anytime.

The HeartStart Defibrillator is a wonderful device for the hospital as well as the office or home. It’s small, portable, does not require a prescription and is so easy-to-use. It constantly self-monitors and can be adapted to treat both adults and small children. Plus, it guides the user through every step of the process using clear, voice instructions.

Even the most frantic novice is well-equipped if, and when they find themselves in the care of someone suffering from, sudden, life-threatening heart attack symptoms. It’s smart, intuitive and effective, so that when an emergency strikes, you don’t have to be.